Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Reflect Catches – Training Tips

Reflect catches are those where you don’t have time to think about catching the ball, but where your body responds to its training automatically, as its trained response is to try and catch the ball, such as those catches at slip or short leg, where there is only a fraction of a second to respond and take the catch.

To practice reflect catches there are a number of drills you can do:

For example, get three players, a few cricket balls and find some space on the out field.

  • One person sits on the ground with their legs out to the front and hands out ready to catch.
  • The other two players then alternately throw their ball (one at a time) to either side of the catcher, who has to try to catch the ball and return it to the thrower.
  • To make the drill harder, the thrower can increase the distance away from catcher with which they throw the ball and reduce the time between throws, so that the catcher is almost non-stop catching and returning and catching.
  • The drill then repeat itself but with the catcher moving up on to their knees, then squatting and then standing. Do a minute or two in each position before rotating on to the next person in the group.

This drill is great for reactions, speed and agility and gets very tiring for the catcher if done properly.

Other drills include using catching cradles; catching nets and the traditional one of having some one throw the ball at a batter who then deflects it to a group of fielders in a ring behind.