Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Training drills and tips

  • Practice on a wicket, by having a player throw the ball past the stumps on the off side and leg side, mix it up and get used to catching the ball either side of the stumps. Do it standing up and standing back, you’ll need to alter the pace of the throw appropriately.
  • Develop the drill above my putting a batter into the drill to act as a distraction, don’t have the batter hit the ball just get them to allow it to pass through to the keeper; it’ll help the wicket keeper get used to taking the ball down the leg side and having to deal with the blind spot which occurs as the ball passes across/in front of the batsmen.
  • Next get the batsmen to play at the ball and miss it on purpose, the easiest way is to let the ball pass inside of bat by playing wide of the ball, this is a good drill to help get used to taking the ball after been unsighted by the batsmen.
  • Have a player (wearing batting gloves to protect the hands) stand in the batsmen’s position with a pair of wicket keeping gloves, as the ball passes hit it with the gloves to create the effect of the ball catching an edge, this will help the keeper get used to deviations of the ball after the point of contact and having to react appropriately.

Start off slow and build it up, these drills will help you develop quick reactions, improve your decision making and help you become the best wicket keeper you can be. Remember to be vocal in the field and keep your team mates motivated.