Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cricket Bowling Line And Length

Whether you are a cricket coach, junior cricket player or a senior cricket player, there is one practice drill all cricket bowlers need to focus on, regularly. As a cricket player you have learnt “HOW” to bowl but not necessary “WHERE” to bowl.


You’ve heard it time and time again, that you need to bowl line and length, but what does it really mean to a young cricket player or a senior player who may have forgotten this holy grail of cricket bowling?


Cricket is a simple game of HITTING TARGETS. The straightest line for a right hand bowler, bowling over the bowlers end stumps, to a right hand batsman, is that imaginary line that runs from the offside bowler’s end stump to the right handed batsman’s offside stump. This is the TARGET line FOR ALL BOWLERS.

Therefore the TARGET LINE is the batsman’s OFF STUMP. Fast bowlers, medium paced bowlers, off-spin bowlers, leg-break bowlers, the TARGET LINE stays the same.


If the bowler’s line stays constant, it’s a simple matter of varying the pace of the ball.

This is known as bowling along the“the corridor of uncertainty” if the bowling length is correct. With the right line and length, it creates uncertainty to the batsman, “do I hit the ball, defend the ball or simply let it go through to the keeper”.