Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cricket Bowling Tips….the basic grip

The bowling grip on the ball is the basis of good bowling flight and direction (line and length). The bowling action contributes to the ball flight, but the correct bowling grip is of paramount importance to all bowlers. Obviously, spin bowling has a different grip process and will be covered in another article on “spin bowling grip”.


Hold the ball just with enough pressure that the ball does not fall out of your hand.

Grip the cricket ball with first and second fingers on either side of the seam so that the seam line faces down the target line.

Basic bowling grip

Basic bowling grip

Pic 1

The front on view of the grip on the ball with the seam facing down the target line.

Position the ball to towards the end if your finger tips

Thumb..just off seam

Thumb..just off seam

Pic 2

The under view of the thumb under the ball.

The thumb will rest to one side of the seam allows freedom of ball flight.

Pic 3... direction of seam at point of delivery

Pic 3... direction of seam at point of delivery

Pic 3

The view of the seam at the point of delivery, with the wrist bent to ad back spin on the ball. This gives pace and swing.