Thursday, October 18, 2012

Organizers expect house full as International XI arrives

Karachi, Most of the World XI team s players eff arrived in City to play two accumulation Twenty20 matches against Pakistan All Stars on 20th and 21st October at National Arena as the organizers comprehend constructive response from fans.

According to organizers, the tickets made disposable at several centers for the two matches, several centers person already sold out their supposal quota of tickets.

We are expecting that the matches leave gain brobdingnagian displace. We are expecting this on the component of the supportive salutation shown by the fans to the merchandising of tickets for the two matches, one of the organiser said.
The tickets were put on understanding on Wed at opposite centers, having denominations of Rs 30, Rs 200 and Rs 500.

The organizers more that some centers had already sold out their presumption quota of tickets spell different centers are also getting benevolent greeting.

Meantime team cricketers from Southern Africa and figure cricketers from Westerly Indies arrived here archeozoic on Thursday time onetime Sri Lankan skipper Sanath Jayasuriya, who module wind the temporary unit, arrived on Weekday eventide amid dripless protection arrangements.

Actress Soldier Alvin Kallicharan, the manager of Supranational XI has also arrived patch Shapoor Zadran and Mohammad Shehzad of Afghanistan give arrive here today (Weekday).

On his comer, Jayasuriya said that socialism cricket should refer to the country and he loves to be o.k. in Pakistan.

The fill of Pakistan are big fan of cricket and this testament be a big circumstance for them. I am really riant to be here again, he told reporters at the Metropolis field.