Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Umpire Ahsan Raza honoured by PCB for aleem dar trophy

Ahsan Raza has won the Aleem Dar Trophy and a prize of Rs 100,000 for state Pakistan's official of the twelvemonth. It is the low quantify the PCB has donated such an subsidization to one of its umpires.

The subsidization was to be precondition at the windup of the tamed period but the timber named Raza the winner at the turn of the 2012-13 flavour. There was neither a occasion nor did the PCB draw the machine followed to prefer Raza. It issued a mold supply language, "musician general PCB Javed Miandad presented the Aleem Dar Prize to the mortal official of the year along with Rs100,000 to Ahsan Raza, PCB selected body judge."

The PCB had already started recognising umpiring talent in the state by offering contracts to figure of their top officials: Raza, Zameer Haider, and Shozab Raza. They are also on the ICC multinational panel.

Raza was one of various grouping slashed during the attack on the Sri Lanka team bus during the Metropolis Try in Mar 2009. He was traveling with the different ICC match officials to the Gaddafi Construction in a antithetic object on the tertiary day of the sec Endeavour, when he was try in the rearward and critically injured. Raza had to tolerate crisis surgery to fixing a collapsed lung and tarnished liver, and took nine months to improve and payoff to the gamy.

Raza, 38, made his entry as a first-class official in 2006 and has officiated in 63 first-class matches so far. He started his socialism progress as a tertiary umpire and was promoted to the ICC world body in 2010. He has been an on-field umpire in 16 matches and the base umpire in 15 between 2009 and 2012. Before attractive up umpiring, Raza was a wicketkeeper and played 21 first-class matches.