Friday, January 4, 2013



Karachi, Pakistan is most un predictable and carismatic team in world of cricket. which has been now more
boosted after beating a series to india in india which is the current world champion of cricket.

the international cricket community has to think that cricket should come to pakistan as they deserve it
and the passion of public of pakistan about cricket is not only passion everyone knows that who visited pakistan with a link of cricket.

 former cricketer Basit Ali said. I think this has now been proved after Pakistan defeated India in the ODI series. On this occasion I want to request the international teams to visit Pakistan for the sake of the game.

Basit added that Pakistani cricket fans want to see international cricketers playing in their country.

people of pakistan want to see a live cricket matches in pakistan as they will love to see hussey , dhoni ,sten and other great cricketers of other nations as we say special thanx to jaysuria and the whole international world xi for comming to pakistan and playing 2 friendly matches.

But now its turn for other teams n cricket community to come to pakistan and play cricket and enjoy there as they always does in the past

Pakistan has not hosted test team nation since march 2009 after a attack on sri lankan team.

so hope for the best

kashif abdul rehman