Thursday, March 21, 2013

controversial out of mohammad hafeez | controversial out of mohammed hafeez in pak vs sa 4th odi | pak vs sa 2013 4th odi

Durban:  Pak vs Sa 4th odi 2013 in pakistan;s innings when mohammad hafeez and imran farhat started the innings in 4th odi when the score was 2 third umpire billy bouden a joker of new zealand has given a ridicolus and stupid decision by showing his favorism with South Africa and given mohammad hafeez out for comming in between wicket when a b was througing the ball to wicket even how billy knows the thinking of mohammad hafeez in 4th odi pak vs sa 2013 he was not exactly in center through was also not accurate even mohammad hafeez havnt seen the ball correctly than can be watch by any sensible person. but bad call by south african players and field umpires and again a big mistake by a funny umpire who already shows his
favorism with south africa already in 3 matches by his wrong decisions which can be verified then why ICC appoint that kind of umpire they are byest to some teams or against some teams.

This decision should be taken by ICC and other cricket critics . this article is not against anyone this is in favor of ethics in cricket

tags: controversial  out of mohammad hafeez | controversial  out of mohammed hafeez in pak vs sa 4th odi | pak vs sa 2013 4th odi