Monday, April 29, 2013

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Karachi :  Pakistan s former legendary pacer Waseem Akram praised Abbotabad s Ahmed Jamal, who won the Ufone    King of Speed  award along with a grand prize of Rs.1 Million after bowling the quickest delivery with a speed of 143 km/h here on Monday on the final day at Ufone   PCB fast bowlers camp.
His pace will increase with the passage of time and I believe the pacer has a bright future,  Waseem Akram told reporters.
Other fast bowling contestants Muhammad Imran from Karachi marked the speed of 136 km/h, whereas, Abdul Ameer and, Faisal Yaseen from Faisalabad managed to bowl at the speed of 135 km/h.
Waseem also praised the initiative of including youngsters in the high profile fast bowling camp and said that it would enhance enthusiasm and skill among the upcoming pacers.
The recent Ufone  King of Speed  trials held across the country managed to bring in more than four thousand fast bowlers, each wanting to find a place at the National Bowling camp and trying his best to win a prize of Rs.1 Million.
Ufone announced another chance for the lucky four, who had qualified for the national training camp to win the cash prize on last day of camp. The condition to reach or top 145km/h was set aside and any bowler who would clock the highest speed would be declared the winner.
Ahmed Jamal who stands 6 feet 4 inches and won the grand prize after proving himself the fastest bowler said,  I am pleased and excited after winning this grand prize and showcasing my talent to an expert like Wasim Akram. Under the supervision of Wasim Akram, I have learned a lot about different techniques used in fast bowling; this camp will help me a lot in the days to come.
He said that his initial aim was to join the training camp to improve his bowling skills but since Ufone announced another chance to win the cash prize, he tried very hard to deliver the fastest speed to win the prize offered by Ufone.

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