Friday, May 31, 2013

cricket ball

 cricket ball history and its detail what is a weight of cricket ball. and the ball is very important part of cricket


  • One origin has English shepherds in the Middle Ages bowling or rolling balls of rags or wool at a target, often the sheep paddock's wicket gate. Other shepherds defended it with their crooked staffs. But it is unlikely one single game evolved into modern cricket.


  • Edward II (1300s) and Oliver Cromwell (1600s) are attributed with wielding a bat, and the first recorded game was in Kent, England, in 1646.


  • The first written Laws of Cricket in 1744 said the ball must weigh 5 oz. to 6 oz. In the 1770s, the weight became 5 1/2 oz. to 5 3/4 oz., and the circumference was 8 13/16 inches to 9 inches.


  • Cricket balls have a cork core that is covered with tightly wound string, and two- or four-piece leather case. The slightly raised sewn seam is the most important part of the ball, producing its unpredictable movement off the pitch.


  • Hand-making cricket balls, even up to first class and test quality, is still a cottage industry in the Indian subcontinent.