Monday, May 6, 2013

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cricket batting tips of  t20 specially

by Faf Du Plessis

1.Intensity, Intensity, Intensity. Go to the wicket with the positive attitude of taking control of the game.

2. Have two strike rotation areas where you can get off strike and get down the non strikers end.

3. Get off strike as much as possible in your first 10 balls to keep the scoreboard moving and get yourself in.

4. Don't let the bowler settle into an area, move around so he has to question his game plan and how he varies the deliveries in his over.

5. Structure your innings into low, medium and high risk batting and know at what time you need to move up and down.
E.g. when you first come in you play low risk, as your innings progresses you move to medium risk and when you're attacking the death overs at the end of the innings you move to high risk.

6. Responsibility - when you're in control of your game and the innings, keep control. Its always easier for the in-batsman to control the tempo of the innings than for a new batter coming in.

7. Partnerships win games.

8. Know your boundary options - when and where you are going to attack them. You need more than one.

9. Having wickets in hand allows you to post big totals.

10. Attack the power play with calculated risks.