Monday, July 8, 2013

pakistan women team on new heights | Pak women cricket captain applauds team`s performance | sana mir said new heighs

Islamabad: The captain of the Pakistani women`s cricket team, Sana Mir, has said pakistan women cricket team has reached new heights.

In an interview with, Mir said that few years ago, they never even managed to get into winning positions against the top teams, but they have now improved to the point that they can set the challenge of managing the pressure situations.

Pak women cricket captain applauds team`s performance
The 27-year-old said that Pakistan Cricket Board has always assigned coaches to the Women`s team.

She added if there is any financial support available for women`s sport in Pakistan, it will be given to women`s cricket.

Asked about the challenges she had to face in her career, Mir replied that the biggest challenge was finding people to play cricket with.

She added that there were no grass-roots girl`s cricket teams. And she usually ended up playing cricket with the boys because very few women were involved in sport.

She said that there are still some issues around such sponsorship and equipment, but things are a lot better than they used to be.

About being appointing as the captain of the team, Mir said it felt wonderful, adding that prior to her appointment as national captain, she was captain of the domestic side for two or three years.