Saturday, October 26, 2013

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icc dealing politly with culprits of ball tempering in 2nd test pak vs sa 

|2nd test match pak vs sa 2013 dubai| . |In second innings cameras caught phylinder and duplises on ball tempering there are very clear evidence| that the ball tempering is done by |south african players. as phylinder was tempering the ball with his nails again saying wich is cleary shown by cameras and duplises tempered the ball with the zip of his pocket in his trouser|.

|umpires has taken action on field that the ball is tempered they have talked with south african players
and awarded 5 runs to pakistan team|. |and changed the ball. this shamefull act as well as cheated act done by south african players|. |and also the trouser with zip or any kind of thing by wich players can temper the ball is not allowed in dress code in icc codes of conduct|.

|but again they are blue eyes of icc which always shows favorism again the same has done they charged 50%| of match fee of duplises no action again grame smith as he is captain of the |south african side and captain is also responsible for ball tempering according| to new rules of icc. and no action is taken against phylinder who was tempering the ball with his nail clearly shown by cameras.

only 50% of match fee is charged because the side which has done this shamefull act with cheating mind is |south african not any asian side| . if there was an any asian side they have banned the players for some matches as the icc has done it before .

these bans are only for asian countries and |specially for pakistan team|. if in future pakistan team player will do ball tempering the punishment should be same as duplises bcoz the crime is same.

icc is always fovored their blue eyed and thats why their decisions are always controversial all in all a very shamefull act by south african team which number one in the test ranking and by the icc as they claim to be non partial. again icc showed they not on the rite side. and they are addicted to their habits of favoring the teams.

|icc should think about their bad justice|.