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doosra ball | doosra bowling | doosra bowling grip | doosra delivery | doosra ball grip | doosra ball grip ball | How to bowl a “Doosra” in cricket?

doosra ball grip | doosra ball grip ball | How to bowl a “Doosra” in cricket?

doora ball grip:
Doosra is the bowling variation of the .This type of delivery was popularised by the pakistani bowler Saqlain Mushtaq.The term “doosra” is an hindi word which means the “other one”.
Other notable Doosra bowlers are murali,Johan Botha,Harbhajan Singh,Shoaib Malik and Saeed Ajmal.
History of Doosra
It is said that Saqlain Mushtaq invented the delivery.The then wicket keeper of Pakistan Moin Khan frequently shouted the word “Doosra” to Saqlain Mushtaq as a sign to bowl that kind of delivery.And in no time it became a delivery in the Off Spinner’s armoury.
Doosra Defined
Simply,we can define a Doosra as the Off-Spinner’s version of Googly.It is bowled with the same action as that of the Off Spinner but the ball turns from leg side to off side or sometimes it goes straight without any spin which surprises the batsman.
Technique and Grip of Doosra
Doosra bowling grip
Comparison between off break and Doosra
The bowler delivers the ball with the same finger action as that of the normal off break but cocks the wrist so that the back side of the hand faces the batsman.This generates the spin of the ball in the other direction that is from legside to off side.
This is also possible for
off spinner orthodx bowler to bowl the doosra.But in this case the ball would tun from the off side to the leg side.Rangana Herath of Sri Lanka and Monty Panesar of England is an example for this.