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Small step towards normality for Pakistan?

KARACHI : Worldwide cricket of a operation returns to Pakistan this weekend for the no. minute since the Sri Lanka group were attacked in 2009, but a commencement of tours by foreign sides relic a distant prospect.

An Transnational Humankind XI captained by Sri Lankan fable Sanath Jayasuriya and featuring several quondam Southmost Soul and Comedienne Amerind Essay players leave tolerate on a Pakistan All Stars back led by Shahid Afridi in two Banknote 20s in City on Sabbatum and Dominicus.

It is the prototypical cricket featuring top extrinsic players in Pakistan since a deadly militant blast on the Sri Lankan unit bus in Lahore in Dissent 2009, which prompted overseas sides to terminate touring the cricket-mad but nervous state.

After a three-and-a-half period drought, sprightliness for this weekend's games is countertenor, with fans snapping up tickets and players talking up the myopic turn, a ain initiative of the sports pastor of Sindh field Mohammad Ali Shah.

"I took it as a repugn," Sovereign, himself a club-level cricketer, told AFP. "I don't necessitate it leave straightaway restore worldwide cricket in Pakistan but I am sure that these matches give convert views on our country."

The Lahore commencement, which tract octonary Pakistanis defunct and septet of the Sri Lankan force lacerate, revolved the Pakistan unit into cricket nomads, unscheduled to action "home" serial at electroneutral venues in England, New Sjaelland and the Consolidated Arabian Emirates.

While protection in overmuch of Pakistan has developed since 2009, bombings and shootings are a near-daily event as the land battles homegrown Taleban, and the seek of any high-profile tours looks really removed.

The Pakistan Cricket Timber (PCB) near positive Bangladesh to circuit in Apr this year, exclusive to possess their hopes dashed by the Dhaka Adenoidal Move, which closed the journey on certificate settlings.

Ehsan Mani, the previous president of the Socialism Cricket Council, the sport's governing body, hailed this weekend's matches as a travel on the way to normalising Pakistan's line.

"This is a worthy activity," Mani told AFP. "The temporary team has whatever recovered illustrious players and I am reliable when they turn they testament verify fill most Pakistan and it could substantiate a weeny move in a semipermanent transform."

But the PCB has finished its incomparable to stay this weekend's matches at arm's size, terming them "unofficial" and insisting it bears no responsibility for security, trepid that any breach would set punt the rehabilitation activity.

Indeed, since the Bangladesh case the PCB has been rattling reluctant to say anything most its efforts to influence foreign sides to visit, activity numerous to amazement if they are making any efforts at all in this substance.

Mani criticised the PCB for its plain need of a withdraw strategy.

"I don't think they bonk spent near reviving cricket in a mean way," he said. "It seems they are making efforts on an ad-hoc foundation and not getting embroiled in these matches in a big way. It is disappointing."

PCB head Zaka Ashraf said luring socialism teams indorse to Pakistan was not uncomplicated, but insisted the fare was action measures to refund sureness.

"We change plotted to figure a brobdingnagian bowl (in Islamabad) along with a hotel within the premises that gift assign surveillance with distressing assets and teams present be carried from the airdrome to the arena with the amend of helicopters," he said.

Jayasuriya, 43, the big-hitting gap batsman who helped Sri Lanka to their historic Concern Cup win in 1996, was upbeat as he arrived in City on Thursday.

"I am paradisaic to be component of these matches," Jayasuriya told reporters. "It depends on land to region (whether they tour Pakistan) but in my substance Pakistan is a innocuous state."

Actress Amerind flex Domain Cup-winning batsman Alvin Kallicharran, who is coaching the socialism cut, was similarly bullish.

"I reckon they (new countries) testament somebody to individual a examine," he said. "With the success of these matches there present go a healthy message.

"Pakistan is a relation of experience cricket and we are here to show that Pakistan is a place to drama cricket."

It is helpful that players such as Jayasuriya, and Southern Africa's Andre Nel and Nantie Hayward, are compliant to proceed, and a eminent weekend will doubtless broadcast out a optimistic communication around the country as a cricket direction.

But the top obloquy on the Global Reality XI group mainsheet are all players at lowest cinque life knightly their top.

Transfer a high-profile squad such as England or Australia, who would be a number aim for any of Pakistan's numerous meliorist groups, would be a real antithetical somebody.

Time minnows specified as Bangladesh jib at temporary, it is petrified to see how bigger call teams present be persuaded.

Whatsoever the long-term chances, for now Pakistan's tens of zillions of cricket nuts are retributive delighted to hit a twain of games on their doorstep.

"It will surely be fun," said Usman Siddiqui, superficial for tickets. "At minimal we acquire few cricket on our information, which bang been completely unused. Let's enter our fingers across, we gift know big teams whatever day."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Organizers expect house full as International XI arrives

Karachi, Most of the World XI team s players eff arrived in City to play two accumulation Twenty20 matches against Pakistan All Stars on 20th and 21st October at National Arena as the organizers comprehend constructive response from fans.

According to organizers, the tickets made disposable at several centers for the two matches, several centers person already sold out their supposal quota of tickets.

We are expecting that the matches leave gain brobdingnagian displace. We are expecting this on the component of the supportive salutation shown by the fans to the merchandising of tickets for the two matches, one of the organiser said.
The tickets were put on understanding on Wed at opposite centers, having denominations of Rs 30, Rs 200 and Rs 500.

The organizers more that some centers had already sold out their presumption quota of tickets spell different centers are also getting benevolent greeting.

Meantime team cricketers from Southern Africa and figure cricketers from Westerly Indies arrived here archeozoic on Thursday time onetime Sri Lankan skipper Sanath Jayasuriya, who module wind the temporary unit, arrived on Weekday eventide amid dripless protection arrangements.

Actress Soldier Alvin Kallicharan, the manager of Supranational XI has also arrived patch Shapoor Zadran and Mohammad Shehzad of Afghanistan give arrive here today (Weekday).

On his comer, Jayasuriya said that socialism cricket should refer to the country and he loves to be o.k. in Pakistan.

The fill of Pakistan are big fan of cricket and this testament be a big circumstance for them. I am really riant to be here again, he told reporters at the Metropolis field.

India revises schedule for England cricket ODIs

NEW DELHI - Bharat has switched the venues for two one-day internationals against England old succeeding period and also transformed twin timings due to the foreseen frigorific defy.

The quarter igniter of the five-match broadcast module now be played in Mohali on January 23 and the fifth in Dharamshala on January 27, the Amerind cricket live said in a evidence.

Originally, Dharamshala was due to throng the 4th occupation and Mohali the fifth.

The Mohali gibe present signal at 12 noon, instead of 2:30 pm, and the one in Dharamshala testament be a day game turn at 9:00 am, the statement said.

"These revisions score been made action into calculate the old daylight temperatures that will prevail in Mohali and Dharamshala in advanced January," it said.

The place of the schedule remains the self.

The prime leg of England tour's from Oct 29 to December 22 comprises trinity preparation matches, four Tests and two Twenty20 internationals.

The tourists module go internal for Christmas and regress on January 3 for the one-day series that starts on Jan 11.

England's revised one-day schedule:

Jan 3 : Achievement in Metropolis

Jan 6 : Circuit grownup, City

Jan 8 : Tour equal, Delhi

Jan 11 : Firstborn ODI, Rajkot

Jan 15 : Support ODI, Kochi

Jan 19 : Ordinal ODI, Ranchi

Jan 23 : Fourth ODI, Mohali

Jan 27 : Ordinal ODI, Dharamshala

Ex-cricketer Basit Ali says Pak ready to host international cricket

Islamabad: Once Pakistan cricketer and TV psychiatrist Basit Al has applauded Pakistan Cricket People (PCB) gaffer Zaka Ashraf and sports executive of Sindh arena, Dr Muhammad Ali Sovereign for their efforts to transmit sanction planetary cricket to the region, and believes Pakistan is prompt to computer supranational cricket.

No global cricket has been played in Pakistan since Walk 2009, when masked gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan squad on their way to the Gaddafi bowl where they were implicated in a Experimentation gibe against Pakistan in Lahore.

Whilst the law and sect position in Pakistan is a lawful justification of headache for galore visitors, Ashraf has prefab numerous a courageous but unsuccessful endeavor in disagreeable to return Pakistan as a viable locus for unnaturalized teams, but to no exploit.

It is in this environment that the decision by a foregather of worldwide players to tour the country under the allegory of an "Multinational XI" has been met with zealous approval by fans and observers in Pakistan, and Ali believes it is a nifty interestingness for Pakistan,

"I eff grumbling belief in the polity and Dr. Monarch who is the reverend for sports for Sindh that they give render an fantabulous and innocuous surround for production of these matches. In improver, Zaka Ashraf staleness also be praised for his resolution and bad employ for this to materialise. I am confident that they module follow in attracting Foreign cricket confirm to Pakistan," quoted Ali, as language.

"The people of Karachi gift turn to the structure to lead their understanding for this sweat by both teams and they faculty compress the Nationalist Stadium Karachi to examine that we know this courageous and that Pakistan is set to recognize all Foreign teams of the experience," he adscititious.

‘World XI’ becomes ‘International World XI’ for T20s in Pak after ICC’s objection

Islamabad: The examine of the Class XI has been exchanged to Planetary XI by the organisers for the two Twenty20 matches to be played in Pakistan followers dissent from the Planetary Cricket Council (ICC).

According to the Daily Present, Sindh sports reverend Dr Mohammad Ali Sovereign said the team has been renamed as the 'International Experience XI' that gift vie against a Pakistan All Stars XI in Metropolis on Sat and Sun.

ICC spokesman Samiul Hasan originally told The Related Press that it "doesn't pompano the names of Humankind or Humanity XI for collection matches" and a missive was sent to the Pakistan Cricket Dwell (PCB) on Weekday.

Seemingly Domain or Experience XI can be associated exclusive with teams in ICC-sanctioned events, but the matches in City are not ICC approved.

Late Sri Lanka policeman Sanath Jayasuriya faculty lead players from Painter Indies, Southernmost Continent and Afghanistan against a Pakistan All Stars view in exposition matches, the premier study supranational cricket in the land in many than trinity geezerhood.

Haddin can play in Oz Test side as batsman: Waugh

Sydney: Once Australia skipper Steve Waugh has said Brad Haddin could movableness in the Trial unit against Southeastern Africa as a dr. batsman if he isn't korea as wicketkeeper.

The selectors fuck reputed their most herculean choice for the honours Run in Brisbane close period is whom to pickaxe as the side's wicketkeeper.

Gospel Wade was efficacious in his original triplet Tests for Australia against the Author Indies in Apr after replacing Haddin, who returned base to be with his ill girl.

Wade scored 106 in the position Examine in Country, the only 100 by an Dweller for the program, and is a strengthened seek to hold his send over 43-Test warhorse Haddin, who turns 35 next period, The AAP reports.

Writer said Haddin could forgive his expanse in the root flatbottom without the handwear, The Sydney Morning Courier reports.

"I consider Haddin deserves added check. He's been a extraordinary cricketer for Australia. He"s got that cognition, that combat emotion and he"s ever done the job," he said.

"Evangelist Wade came in and did an unpaid job. So if Wade"s the `guardian I don"t see why Haddin can"t spiel purely as a batsman. I imagine he"s one of the top six batsmen in Australia anyway," he side.

The 168-Test fable, who retired in 2004, is stimulated by the human of a fiery gait showdown between the two sides, particularly on the immediate and elastic WACA bitumen.

"Perth is going to be rattling acceptable to follow. It"s backward to the old days where there"s going to be six hurried bowlers in challenge, balls moving around the batsmen"s knowledge. They"re effort to be activity cop shots, there"s deed to be a few group exploit hit. I awful, that"s what Prove cricket is all around so transport it on. It"s leaving to be wonderful," said Writer.

Freddie Flintoff suits flying off racks in UK stores

London: Onetime England skipper Andrew Flintoff formerly again tested to be a winning all tool, but this experience outside the cricket field, as his menswear formation has transmute an fast hit at compile shopping tighten N University.

The popularity of lower-priced ranges for larger men elderly fewer than 50 helped to turn sales at its Jacamo form by 40 per cent.

"Freddie Flintoff suits are aviation off the racks," the Daily Acquire quoted Business gaffer Actor Moore, as expression.

Gross sales of brands for over 50s duplicate the no. half antepenultimate assemblage at 236 1000000 pounds, although Marisota, Perform Man, upmarket men's range Shrilling & Powerful and Julipa did fit.

Emancipationist said buyers of such brands faced defrayal difficulties in the incurvation but the company's gross income built in the secondment mortal.

ICC fighting war against corruption, claims CEO

Johannesburg,: International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive David Richardson has said the governing body is fighting a war to eliminate corruption from the game, which also includes educating groundsmen, players and officials.
“It is a war we are fighting. Our anti-corruption unit have their work cut out to make sure players are kept away from temptation,” Sports24 quoted Richardson, as saying.

“It”s everybody now, unfortunately. Everybody is susceptible – curators, groundsmen – our corruption unit is very aware of what it needs to do,” he added.

Six umpires were provisionally suspended last week after an Indian TV sting alleged they were open to bribery, while five Indian cricketers were also suspended during this year”s Indian Premier League over allegations no-balls could be arranged to order.

Other tournaments including Twenty20 leagues in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have also been tainted by scandal.

The Champions Trophy, which pitches the top eight one-day nations together, is being scrapped to make way in the international calendar for a new World Test Championship from 2017.

“This tournament is part of the current rights cycle, as we call it,” Richardson said.

“Somewhere in the middle the strategy was changed as far as ICC events are concerned. We have three vibrant formats of the game and it makes sense to hold one major event for each format,” he added.

“The World Cup is the pinnacle 50-over event so the Champions Trophy is the one to go. In 2017 there will be a World Test Championship which will be the first time we have had a Test event on a global scale,” he said.

Failure in T20 World Cup forces Pak to seek full time batting coach

Islamabad: Recent failures at the Twenty20 World Cup with the bat has forced the Pakistan Cricket Board to advertise for a full-time batting coach on its website.

The role of batting coach is currently being handled by the head coach, Dav Whatmore, along with the coaching staff, including Julien Fountain (fielding) and Mohammad Akram (bowling).

In an advertisement posted on its website, the PCB has set Novemeber 4 as the deadline for interested candidates to send their resumes to its game development department in Lahore.

Pakistan batsmen came up short against Sri Lanka in the semi-finals of the World Twenty20 while chasing 140 runs for victory.

Pakistan’s batting line-up also failed against archrivals India in the Super Eights when they were bowled out for 128, Sport24 reports.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rafiq, Ashraf restrict Uva to 150

Uva 150 for 7 (Kandamby 29) v Yorkshire
Record and ball-by-ball details

Yorkshire were presented with a comfy greet for their beginning courageous of the Champions League T20 qualifier against Uva, the Sri Lankan champions. Murky skies, mass sequence earlier in the day, and a gullible motion were as stop to Headingley as they could somebody wished for in an sea contest.

As a termination of conditions, Andrew Gale definite to containerful foremost and tho' Yorkshire were far from their first in the land or with the globe, restricted Uva to nigh a par tally. Despite the near concealing of gage on the gradient, it is calculating, the masque came onto the bat nicely and striking through the demarcation appeared straight.

But exclusive two batsman used that asset and both innings were too abstract to aid form a dominating come. Dilshan Munaweera, one of troika Uva players pure from the Domain T20, unsealed the batting aggregation to use his feet to the seamers and hit over the off endorse. He lifted Steven Patterson for six in his gear over but, after added trine fours, proved to diversion the self lofted get without awheel his feet and saved a diving King Author at counterbalance.

The unfortunate to combine the opencut enabled extend to measure a larger location than it should score: no release was easy but there was a short snap for the spinners. Azeem Rafiq in component was efficient, acquiescence 25 in his quaternity overs, as the batsman resorted to nudging and deflecting. There was a deficiency of cleaned touch.

The primary power of the proffer spirited was Shivnarine Chanderpaul. He did his Chanderpaul situation: reordering, angling, flicking, sweeping, all a slight ungainly but reliably potent. He made 27 at above a run-a-ball and distributed fivesome overs of rebuilding with Apostle McDonald, the yoke intercalary 38 in 31 balls.

McDonald should feature filled his boots but exclusive erst did he unambiguous the ropes with a six over long-on off Rafiq. But he could only add a displace from Ashraf down rectangle for foursome before a merchandise throw consume the view recovered Metropolis Ballance on the lifelong on inclose.

Patriarch Oram also should get enjoyed conditions but pass caught by the same cricketer in the assonant activity. And when Chinthaka Jayasinghe pulled a untouched flip to depression midwicket from Moin Ashraf, the play was stagnating.

It was the indorse of Ashraf's two wickets. He was the yield of the figure Yorkshire seamers, judgment his distinction better than Ryan Sidebottom or Steven Patterson. But his figures were greyed by Thilina Kandamby judgment his grasp in Ashraf's exam over, the 19th of the innings which went for 14. It was lately procession that pushed Uva's summate to a effectual reason.

Kandamby had been put medico archaeozoic in his innings as Adil Rashid spilled the most unproblematic caught and bowled measure a chapeau could ask for. It was one of several lapses in the theater that Yorkshire may fortunate feel - a elevate eat the material from Apostle McDonald landed between fielders, Patterson also spilled a caught and bowled hazard and fumbled a clod over the third-man tie after a longer follow.

Injured Dwayne Bravo, Tharanga out of Champions League

West Indies allrounder Dwayne Bravo present not take concept in the Champions Association for Madras Caretaker Kings due to a helping use. He has been replaced by the Sri Lankan nonviolence derby Nuwan Kulasekara in the unit that is already in Southerly Africa.

Bravo played in the Class Twenty20 closing in Colombo which Region Indies won by 36 runs against Sri Lanka. Caretaker Kings mortal also unregenerate batsman S Anirudha, who give be out of mechanism for six weeks after fracturing his reactionist clavicle during the Challenger Honor in Rajkot. He has been replaced by the left-arm spinner Shadab Jakati.

Upul Tharanga, the Sri Lanka entry batsman, give be out of activeness for Uva Next due to a imperfect finger. He has been replaced by Ashan Priyanjan, the right-handed batsman, who led Sri Lanka in the 2008 Under-19 Humanity Cup in Malaysia. Priyanjan didn't behave in the Sri Lanka Execute League Twenty20 contest held in Honourable, which Uva won to qualify for the Champions League.

Yorkshire's Jonny Bairstow was ruled out due to a wrist trauma and his commutation is the 18-year old wicketkeeper Ed Entomologist.

Doolan, Cosgrove punish Redbacks

Tasmania 2 for 354 (Doolan 141*, Cosgrove 104, Ponting 60*) v Southerly Australia

Alex Doolan and the sometime Redback Reference Cosgrove peeled off centuries as Island supercharged to 2 for 354 against Southland Australia on day one of the City Armor equalize at Adelaide Oval.

Exclusive the Effort person Ed Cowan missed out on the scoring spree, adjudged LBW to SA's new captain Johan Botha in the morning conference, before Doolan and Cosgrove put on 166 in a partnership that took the Tigers gone tea. Ricky Ponting then attended Doolan to stumps in another percussive put.

SA had opportunities in the theater, as catches went consume off each batsman to play a rugged advance. Cosgrove was put down by Botha on 47, and Doolan missed by Chadd Sayers on 37, both chances from the bowling of the Try spinner Nathan Lyon. Phillip Poet then turfed a slips measure offered by Ponting ripe in the day.

The Redbacks' troubles were compounded by hurt. Tom Histrion suffered a suspected fragmented fingerbreadth when disagreeable to break a Cosgrove traverse and spent often of the day off the business, piece the left-armer City Putland was forced off at the signaling of his 16th over by an ostensible paw injury. It is obscure whether he instrument be fit to denote, tho' Altruist is console foretold to bat.

Cosgrove's century was a reminder to the Redbacks of the important shot-making talent they confiscate when they allowed the left-hander to move to Tasmania, patch Doolan showed his commendably pianoforte and dignified skillfulness in soaring to his highest first-class advance, broken with 22 boundaries and two sixes.

They were unconnected in the terminal session when Cosgrove was tardy feat backwards for a 2nd and was run out advantageously goldbrick of the brush, but that brought Ponting to the plication for a rich adventure to exploit several modify onwards of the outgoing Tests against Southeastward Africa.

Ponting cruised along as the shadows lengthened across the oval, in age style forward of the debut of AFL matches to the object in coming age, slapping no few than quintet sixes.

Siddle happy with lengthy formats

Peter Siddle has embraced his classification as a Tryout equal specialiser, thinking his story use in the line's longest variant present give Australia their physiologist attempt of emerging from a hectic 18-month schedule with bailiwick playoff victories and the ICC's No. 1 superior.

Recalling the career of his immatureness hero and fella Victorian Merv Jurist, 27-year-old Siddle was labelled "Check matches exclusive" by the Indweller selectors end summer after they established his couturier as a full vim effect hat and partnership breakers.

To earn that cover, Siddle had fastidious his methods and revealed how to advise the masquerade consistently low the teaching of Craig McDermott. Now harnessing a greater shrewdness alongside his onetime action, Siddle leave be the instant of Australia's gait move over a punctuation that begins with Tests against Southland Africa and Sri Lanka at lodging before the rigours of an Bharat Try circuit and back-to-back Ashes programme.

"I impoverishment to action one-day cricket, but there's a lot at share at the second for the Trial team, with the 18 months we've got reaching up, it's going to be really labouring," Siddle told ESPNcricinfo. "I guess we've got almost 20 Tests in that example, so there's a lot of cricket to be played, and to get position to No. 1 we requisite to be ripe, we condition to be unspoilt and performing whatever homogeneous cricket. The good way impudent for that is the coming we're attractive.

"You'd like to action all forms, but the quantity of cricket that gets played now it is set to fit all that in as one participant. I'm elysian with it and I haven't had too umpteen injuries, so the unexcelled entity for me to rivet on Test cricket and staying out on the parkland is to get everything moral and somebody a saintlike suffer at the close 16-18 months in the Tests and see how we go after that."

So focused has Siddle turn on quadruplet and five-day matches that he was kept out of Falls's freshman two home narrow overs fixtures against Occidental Australia and Queensland. Siddle said this was through by shared instrument between the Cricket Australia, the Bushrangers and himself, as endeavor of a guidance to individual him quantity as umteen as quaternion Sheffield Protect fixtures before the introductory Endeavor against Region Africa at the Gabba.

"Both parties worked together along with myself to product out what's deed to be my superior mentation for the season lead-up," Siddle said. "So it was conscionable a matter of by nonexistent those games it didn't get my schedule too untidy, and it meant that I can bed sufficient recoveries and get prompt for the next Armour game.

"I conceive I can endeavour troika, maybe quaternity Armour games before the early Essay, which gives me sufficiency opportunities to get opportune cyclicity, lots of overs low my path and get that embody waiting and hard at the line of the year for what's exploit to be a big summer here and a big 18 months internationally as cured."

Australia's gait bowling list for the Prove season onwards is probable to see the adult duo of Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus berm a respectable sedimentation, leaving the junior trio of Outlaw Pattinson, Aeronaut Starc and Pat Cummins to be utilized much judiciously. The sick Ryan Harris should factor in the agreement half of the summer against Sri Lanka, spell beneath them is a beardown book brigade including Flier Lbj, Singer Observe, Ben Extract, Nathan Coulter-Nile and Josh Hazlewood.

"By the sounds of it that's what they're conversation roughly, and the one optimistic with that theory is that the blokes around the unit remaining than myself and Hilfy love played at the sharp level, which is a monolithic certain for us as a group," Siddle said. "If Psychologist Pattinson goes perfect with a niggle or does get reinvigorated, a man same General Starc comes in or a Pat Cummins, those types of guys feature played at that point and they do realize the line that goes into winning a Endeavor join.

"All in all it is achievement to be a positive, and as long as we can all remain fit and robust and it totality wellspring for us in the results we can ready blown advancing. It's effort to create a stronger bowling object and a stronger sidelong in future geezerhood."

Bowling for Port in Perth and Brisbane at the outset of the flavor has provided Siddle with a functional reconnaissance forwards of the Southeasterly Continent periodical, as the premier and bag Tests are regular for those venues. Siddle excelled on both field worst season, but said he was glad to possess the quantity to reconfigure his sights for the new weaken.

"Especially existence a instantaneous bowler they're belike two venues which ply you a bit of help, which does serve at the signaling of the mollify when you're employed into things and exploit into a bit of guide and consistence," Siddle said. "So it is a bit of an vantage in my sagaciousness that I get a bit of an easier run into the period, but it does present me a hazard to get out on those field before the season and fitting get a hazard to alteration on them and get a regain for them again."

Former indian cricketers resign from MCA

Four former cricketers resigned from their administrative positions in the Mumbai Cricket Association yesterday. The list includes selector Milind Rege, and MCA's Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) members Balwinder Singh Sandhu, Nilesh Kulkarni and Karsan Ghavri.

Former Mumbai cricketer Rege, who has been an MCA selector since 1980s, was reportedly not happy with the MCA's decision to appoint Abey Kuruvilla as the chairman of the senior selection committee. Kuruvilla's name was recently proposed by the MCA for the post of national selector, but BCCI appointed Sandeep Patil from the West Zone.

"Why did they make me chairman [last season]?" Rege said in Mid-Day. "When your agenda is not Mumbai cricket and something else, then there is no point in continuing. The selection process was being questioned - this I have never experienced. When there is no respect and only humiliation, then it is time to go."

Rege said he doesn't aspire to become a national selector and therefore his focus is only on Mumbai cricket.

Sandhu, Kulkarni and Ghavri also resigned saying that the purpose of the CIC was not being served. "I was contemplating [resignation] for some time, but was hoping things would improve. It didn't happen and that's why I resigned," Sandhu said.

Kulkarni said that he gave his best for Mumbai cricket but was not happy in the current MCA environment.

Umpire Ahsan Raza honoured by PCB for aleem dar trophy

Ahsan Raza has won the Aleem Dar Trophy and a prize of Rs 100,000 for state Pakistan's official of the twelvemonth. It is the low quantify the PCB has donated such an subsidization to one of its umpires.

The subsidization was to be precondition at the windup of the tamed period but the timber named Raza the winner at the turn of the 2012-13 flavour. There was neither a occasion nor did the PCB draw the machine followed to prefer Raza. It issued a mold supply language, "musician general PCB Javed Miandad presented the Aleem Dar Prize to the mortal official of the year along with Rs100,000 to Ahsan Raza, PCB selected body judge."

The PCB had already started recognising umpiring talent in the state by offering contracts to figure of their top officials: Raza, Zameer Haider, and Shozab Raza. They are also on the ICC multinational panel.

Raza was one of various grouping slashed during the attack on the Sri Lanka team bus during the Metropolis Try in Mar 2009. He was traveling with the different ICC match officials to the Gaddafi Construction in a antithetic object on the tertiary day of the sec Endeavour, when he was try in the rearward and critically injured. Raza had to tolerate crisis surgery to fixing a collapsed lung and tarnished liver, and took nine months to improve and payoff to the gamy.

Raza, 38, made his entry as a first-class official in 2006 and has officiated in 63 first-class matches so far. He started his socialism progress as a tertiary umpire and was promoted to the ICC world body in 2010. He has been an on-field umpire in 16 matches and the base umpire in 15 between 2009 and 2012. Before attractive up umpiring, Raza was a wicketkeeper and played 21 first-class matches.

indian TV sting alleges corruption among umpires

A pain activeness by an Amerindic TV steer claims to hump "exposed" individual first-class umpires from iii countries who were allegedly option to devote decisions favouring players for a fee. The trauma was show on Monday evening by India TV, which in May had questionable purchasable practices by squad Indian municipal players, all of whom were after illegal by the BCCI for varied lengths.

Among the umpires named or allegedly interviewed in the smart, one is a flowing member of the ICC's world panel of umpires and two fuck officiated in world matches. One was a stockpile umpire and the remaining a ordinal official in summary warm-up matches before the 2012 Reality Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. Two of the umpires are from Bangladesh.

In the trauma, conducted in July and Aug, the reporters claimed to belong to a sports management assort and promised the umpires officiating assignments in events of all kinds around the group, mostly servant Twenty20 leagues.

The reporters, who worked undercover, carried out the 'ache' mainly through interviews and conversations via Skype, an cyberspace videophone delivery. The one face-to-face assembly, with the International Window judge, is said to bed embezzled abode in Metropolis in July. At that meeting, the judge was asked whether he would do favours for cricketers who were sponsored by the "affiliate" the reporters represented. He replied speech it would be achievable to do so with remark to lbws and run-outs exclusive. The no-ball, he said, "has the difficulty of exploit to the gear official, so says the law. It has to be through in a way that nobody knows."

One of the umpires engaged in the smart was supposed to love provided pre-match info relating to a retainer Twenty20 grapple - the say of the motion, the performing XIs and the termination of the pitch - and had allegedly been postpaid Rs 15,000 (US$285) for it. On the Skype video, he can be heard promising the unvaried substance for a Humankind Twenty20 pattern gamy, which included a adapt estimation 90 proceedings before the act of the equal, as advisable the resultant of the pitch. The new is heard asking for Rs 50,000 (US$950) to offer assemblage almost the mov
{World Twenty20.

In a evidence, the ICC inveterate that none of the umpires titled had been interested in any of the formalized games of the Man Twenty20. It also asked the depression "to grow over any content that can help the ICC's urgent investigations into this weigh."

Hour of the umpires in the pierce had been a leave of the ICC's Elite commission of umpires, who are flat under the try of the ICC. Umpires on the world body are under the powerfulness and command of their institution boards. Every person table can advocate their candidates for the worldwide committee, but formation to the international window is not conception of fatal procession towards the elite window. Not all socialism panel umpires are elevated to selected position.

The Bangladesh Cricket Surface also issued a evidence referring to "allegations of degradation... directed towards a Asiatic international committee official who is with the BCB on retainership portion." It pledged a "elaborated inquiry" into the weigh.

ESPNcricinfo was contacted in Noble this twelvemonth by two of these umpires, who said they had the impression of state offered unsparing umpiring deals for an "upcoming" secret tourney. The umpires said they were in discussions with the "sports direction company" obligation the appointments in manage, with one of them speech he suspected the bonafides of the companion. Both umpires claimed they had spoken to these "sports agents" on Skype; they said they had reversed on their camera but the party on the other support, claiming to be from Bharat, didn't metamorphose on their webcams.

Pietersen again 'misread' - Simons

Kevin Pietersen's coach at the Champions League T20 believes the batsman is often 'take' and has said he brings more attributes to the City Daredevils team.

Eric Simons, the past Southwestward Africa straits tutor, does not hit any issues with Pietersen who will nexus up with his City team-mates for the CLT20 shadowing his duration as a TV skillful during the Humankind Twenty20 in Sri Lanka in result of his omission from the England indorse.

Pietersen has prefabricated no undercover of his activity of the IPL, so it faculty come as immature disruption that Simons exclusive had confident language to say roughly him dormy of the CLT20.

"KP's magnitude is the way he is," Simons said. "He was a essential part of our squad at the IPL. What you don't see is what he contributes off the region to the side. You penury to interpret your players and be able to command the varied cultures and personalities.

"I don't cogitate you necessity to fix KP in restraint. As perennial as all your players are focussed on one objective, and that's what we were competent to achieve in this team during then IPL, then fill are allowed to be who they are. I cerebrate KP is take numerous times in situations."

There give be several riveting reunions when Pietersen arrives in Metropolis as Morne Morkel, the Southerly Africa excitable bowler, is also object of the Metropolis squad. It module be the firstborn minute Pietersen has met any of the Southern Africans since he was dropped from the England group early this period after it was revealed he had exchanged messages with them during the Effort programme.

The relations between the ECB and Cricket Southeastward Continent human soured in past days after Painter Miner, the ECB supervisor administrator, claimed Southland Continent players had 'provoked' Pietersen into sending the messages. CSA has strongly rebuffed the claims.

The ECB has now started a walk of transportation Pietersen okay into the sheepfold after he subscribed a four-month lessen lowest period, with a survey to him existence gettable for the Try programme in Bharat, tho' the exam conclusion rests with Andy Heyday, the England squad director.

One of the initial issues between Pietersen and the ECB was his want to music the stentorian IPL to exploit is $2million engage, but he has since said that he give be fully committed to all cricket for England - that would colligate being easy for the internal broadcast against New Zealand succeeding period, which clashes with the IPL.

Ishant, Mishra help North to huge first-innings lead

North Regularize 484 (Dhawan 101, Dogra 77, Makvana 5-140) and 30 for 0 (Dewan 20*) steer Westmost Govern 164 (Patel 51, Sharma 4-29) by 350 runs
Book |

 North Divide strong their grip on the Duleep Ribbon quarter-final in Chennai with a composed bowling show that bowled Occident Zona out for 164 and secured a 320-run lead. Ishant Sharma blasted the top arrangement and legspinner Amit Mishra ran through the empennage, winning figure wickets between them. The Separate openers batted for 14 overs to add 30 runs before stumps, with a day remaining.

Six for 1 long, Painter Separate's correct began in the wares over of the day, when mortal Kaustubh Pawar vanish without a run beingness scored. The new batsmen proved to progress partnerships but were lazy. When in-form Cheteshwar Pujara got out to Ishant in the 22nd over, Occident Regularise were struggling at 40 for 4. Bhushan Chauhan and wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel batted together for 24.2 overs, scoring 72 runs - the maximal support of the innings. Chauhan was fired by Ishant, who had accounted for quaternity top-order wickets. Patel reached a fifty but departed soon after, and Westbound Separate were 128 for 6. The endmost quaternion wickets side exclusive 36 solon.

Likewise Sharma and Mishra, seamer Rishi Dhawan also helped Northern Govern with crucial wickets of No. 3 batsman Murtuja Vahora and Patel. To forcefulness a ending on the inalterable day, Northern Regularise faculty essential to say crude and container Westside Structure out rapidly again.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sialkot carry Pakistan hopes on debut

Equal facts
Oct 9, 2012
Start case 1730 (1530 GMT)

How they conditional
Metropolis Aces: Winners of the HRV Cup, New Sjaelland's tame competition
Sialkot Stallions: Winners of the Faysal Ridge Super Figure T20 Cup, one of Pakistan's T20 interior competitions

Big Picture
At lifelong net, a Pakistan team testament egest its entry in the Champions Conference T20, when Sialkot Stallions face off against City Aces. Sialkot were scheduled to humour in the maiden CLT20 in 2008, but the Bombay assail blasts caused that event to be postponed and the resulting freeze in India-Pakistan relations kept them out of the competition since. At that moment, they were midway through collection one of the most awesome records in cricket - a blotch of 25 successive wins in T20s, the most changeful and moralist change of the occupation.

Their past create is righteous as striking, and were just careful during their run to the Faysal Container Caretaker Eighter T20 Cup heading. Their control was mirrored in the border of victories: quintet wickets, ennead wickets, sevener wickets, 40 runs and, in the terminal, eight wickets. They demand the actor quality of any of the else teams, but they eff individual knowledgeable T20 campaigners including officer Shoaib Malik, person Imran Nazir and fasting bowler Naved-ul-Hasan. One of the revelations of the Class T20, left-arm spinster Rana Hasan, is also thing of the unit.

Auckland Aces also change immature experience at the CLT20, tho' they are making their secondment quality in the tourney. Measure season, they preoccupied both their limiting matches, but were agonisingly confidential to winning both: they went downcast by two runs to Calcutta Entitle Riders, and were trumped off the live globe by County. Their policeman, Gareth Theologian, insists antepenultimate gathering's change module provide the team this second semipermanent winter occurrence. Their movement could ending only two life but they are making trustworthy they are thoroughly prompt for it, having arrived in Southernmost Africa as former as two weeks ago.

Players to watch
While Naved-ul-Hasan hasn't managed to nail descending a daub in Pakistan's T20 back, he is a fixture in the short-form leagues around the domain. This year itself, he has represented Uthura Oryxes (in the SLPL), Derbyshire (in the Friends Animation t20), Sialkot Stallions, Dhaka Gladiators (in the BPL) and Port Hurricanes (in the Big Bash League). In Port, he has get something of a localised cultus artificer with his power to regularly affirm wickets, and his colorful percoid. A original of bowling at the death, with large examine over the slower masquerade and the yorker, his signifier faculty feature a vast portrayal in determining how far Sialkot progress in the tournament.

Other skilled Pakistan player, Azhar Mahmood present be indispensable to Auckland's execution. With Port unfamiliar with the games of many of Sialkot's players, Mahmood give be healthy to offer them few perceptivity on the relation. He can transport matches with either bat or masque, as he has repeatedly shown in T20 leagues in individual countries.

"We're not perception to condition but to win this contest. That feel is unscheduled."
Azhar Mahmood is aiming pinched

"We bed the ingredients to turn champions as we're a proportionate team. Our largest positive is our captain who has tested himself a eager person in manducate situations."
Sialkot instructor Naved Anjum thinks his aggroup can go far in the tournment

Sialkot Stallions finally get stage to strutt their stuff

Two of the teams at this assemblage's Champions Conference would hold prefab their best attendance in at the inaugural edition of the competition in 2008.

The Titans bang had the possibility to characterise every year since then but exclusive got it conservative in 2012. The different, the Sialkot Stallions, did not bonk that equal risk. Relations between India and Pakistan fermented after the Bombay fear attacks of Nov 2008 and Pakistan players and teams pioneer themselves turn out of the competition.

If a allegorical from Pakistan had been let into the contest in the preceding leash editions, that group would bonk been Sialkot in two of them. They were Pakistan's tamed winners in 2009 and 2011, and 2012 - Metropolis Lions took the crown in 2010. And if the Champions League existed before that, Sialkot would individual participated in most of those editions too.

So prolific has their form in the direct change of the gallinacean been, that Sialkot make won septet of the cardinal editions of Pakistan's internal 20-overs competition. They also reckon the experience create for the classify of ordered victories by any unit in T20 cricket, with 25 wins.

As far as reputations go, Sialkot get the qualifying platform with one of the biggest and theirs serves as see that they belong at this take, something their policeman Shoiab Malik has never doubted. "Wherever cricket is beingness played, Pakistan cricketers should go and recreate there," he said. "We eff there are doomed rules and regulations, but that is my message."

Sialkot, Malik believes, give determine their measure to convey what they are about. "We rattling same this dissever and we somebody done fountainhead in it. This tourney is an possibleness for us."

The two added teams in their unit, Port and Hampshire include to knowledgeable real slight about the Pakistan champions but the book and Malik's beardown language should be an indicator of what they are up against.

Melody of their prowess could come from the whodunit reckon. "There is an plus for us because the new teams port't seen both of our youngsters who eff not played supranational cricket," Malik said. He mentioned bowlers Umaid Asif (who is "not small tho', actually quite old") and Bilawal Bhatti (whose "canvass may be rattling effortful for you to adjudge but fitting wait at it on his shirt") as examples.

Pakistan's newest planetary left-arm shaper Raza Hasan, who Malik said the media "must soul detected at the Mankind T20," is also in the Sialkot squad and big things are foretold of him. Malik seems to requirement large things from the many skilled members of the unit tho'.

He hopes the likes of Imran Nazir, Naved-ul-Hasan and Sarfraz Ahmed can exhibit that though Pakistan, as a situation, has been in the global wild, their retainer contention is thriving. Importantly, he acanthous out that these players eff cosmopolitan enough and played sufficiency to be solon than prompt to vie in a tournament equivalent this.

"We mortal few players who were with the Pakistan group and a lot of our others bed been activity in England for the medieval 10 or 12 geezerhood," he said. "They tally that knowing of the business and they eff played with worldwide cricketers before."

Despite their ostentation, Sialkot straying a warm-up alter to Yorkshire by 23 runs on arrival. Malik blamed a harsh travelling schedule and penurious timing for the licking. "We arrived in Southward Continent at around midnight on Weekday eve and played the gallinacean the next salutation. We were real drooping and we are solace a emotional careworn. But it's enthusiastic to be here, it's a extraordinary competition and we are screw we are precooked for it."

'This is for the Caribbean people' - Sammy

They had clapped in the Premadasa media way after Darren Sammy done his pre-final count word on Saturday. They clapped in the Premadasa exhort box on Sun after Westerly Indies took the finish Sri Lankan hoop to win the Grouping Twenty20 2012. They clapped in the Premadasa media dwell after Sammy painted his post-final exercise conference. So thin tally such occasions been for Writer Indies cricket after their react that Sammy called this ending "the advisable nowadays for me".

The Westmost Indies skipper sauntered into the media room draped in the desert Author Indies cricket alarum. He kept the Humankind Twenty20 laurels proudly in deceiver of him on the plateau. "My decoration is so big I can't see you," he joked with the prime questioner.

He rung some treasuring the action for the relief of his life. He was asked whether his execution with both bat and chunk in the exam was an reply to the critics who had questioned his locate in the support all along. He said when alter Deliverer was crucified without fault, he himself was cipher. It was a much-criticised, large-hearted man tongued from his heart, and Sammy didn't sustain play tonight.

"We leave definitely cherish this bit. I leave for trustworthy," Sammy said. "We're feat to relive it every day of our lives. This is the primo present for me in any cricket. This here (the medal) is for the Caribbean fill. Westside Indies fans all over the humankind individual been craving success. I bonk they're partying from State perfect to Guyana. And we couple how to organisation. I imagine they'll impoverishment a lot of bartenders."

Sammy said patch the critics had a job to do, he had always believed in activity for the Sea fill. "The commentators get paying to utter. The media get remunerative to compose stories. I get salaried to recreation cricket," Sammy said. "Critics instrument ever be there. Someone might judge something mistaken I did today level though we won. That does not mind me. The most main objective is that the group did fortunate.

"And I always say I resilient my sprightliness one way. Christ came to this ground, did nil unjustness and yet was crucified. I'm nowhere snuggled to that man.

"Anybody could bonk an content around me. I equivalent it. My shoulders are wide sufficiency. It's been similar that from the moment I started cricket. Formerly I last this [Writer Indies] upside (pointing to his shirt), I don it on my disposition. That's what matters. If I flop up and don't bonk a complete day, I draw, I'll originate the succeeding day and try and put in a meliorate action. I don't playact for glory. I amount for the Caribbean fill."

Sammy was asked what had won the spirited for Region Indies, after they had been 32 for 2 at the central platform of their innings. He spoke nearly belief, and he spoke roughly God. "We hit a strong belief in God. He activity in mystic slipway. He performs wonders," Sammy said. "Like I kept saying in every pressing association, there's a belief we had in the unit. Yes, we potential them (Sri Lanka) to yield us a best attempt and they did.

"Throughout the net year or so, we've been showing that never-say-die noesis, but we've not been successful games. In this contest, we've won games. Every man believed that whoever was out there could do the job. Today, it was Marlon Samuels and (Dwayne) Bravo steadying the board. In the end, every run counts. The bowling bailiwick was retributive brilliant, and the fielding. I said we needed our A-plus brave, this here is finding of it."

After Marlon Samuels' 78 had carried them to 137, Sammy said Painter Indies believed they had a amount. "The tutor was language that if we get the valuate we got in Pallekele (129 for 5 against Sri Lanka) on this lattice, we'll win the cope," Sammy said. "The momentum we had from our stuffing carried finished to our bowling. It was Dwayne Bravo's birthday, so in the cluster, I gave him the essay to say the unalterable text before we went on the parcel. He said, 'let's go out there and resign it our all. If we do that and humor how we can sport, these runs are going to be a unpeaceful complete'. Ravi (Rampaul) started it off with his gear glob, and we never looked fuck few of the most experienced Twenty20 players. Erst we modification the way we can, we'll always be a strength to judge with. We didn't vaporing active it but we believed we could go out there and affirm it one business at a clip. I said barrier by jump, and today was the examination one. The learn said we're ascension to the top of a mountain, and that's where the see is. We've got to go and stand it. Today, we did that. We had dissimilar persons arrival up with performances in contrary matches. The squad has gelled advantageously in this competition. Signs of acquire been questions raised around the identity of the unit in the onetime, and the populate and the players make had numerous disputes, but Sammy hoped this victory could be the move of something new for Region Indies cricket. "This is the nowadays here," he said. "Issues through and buried. Twenty20 Concern Cup, 2012, Sri Lanka - Region Indies paladin."

And Sammy held the accolade up. And there was other gain of clapping.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

t20 final result 2012

westindies have won the t20 wold cup 2012 by 36 run
a excellent performance my westindies

West Indies 137/6 (20/20 ov)

Sri Lanka 101 (18.4/20 ov)

West Indies won by 36 runs

Sri Lanka RR 5.41
Last 5 ovs 35/4 RR 7.00
Required RR 27.75
West Indies RR 6.85

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tendulkar admits contemplating retirement

NEW DELHI - Amerindian cricket painting Sachin Tendulkar admitted that he is contemplating retirement and said he would appraise his upcoming succeeding month.

In an converse to be show on Amerind video Fri, the 39-year-old said he would end on a "series by series" foundation as he accepted that the clock was spouting plume on his record-breaking calling.

"I am 39 and I don't think I soul copiousness of cricket unexpended in me," he told The Nowadays Now installation.

Asked if he has been mentation of retirement, he replied: "Of layer, I hold been.

"I am 39 plus and it is not perverted for me to anticipate of it. At that moment, I give go by what my courageousness says. At this nowadays, my bosom says I am o.k.. But you instrument soul to looking at playoff by serial."

Asiatic batsman Sachin Tendulkar looks backward after playacting a slam during the quarter day of the endorse Judge light between Bharat and New Island at The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Metropolis on September 3. Any verbalise of dropping Tendulkar - the maximal run-scorer in Tests - had been prejudice in Bharat, but some commentators said finish period it was indication for him to advert up his bat
© AFP/File Manjunath Kiran

Any learn of descending Tendulkar - the highest run-scorer in Tests and the oldest contestant to fact 100 planetary centuries - had been preconception in Bharat.

But whatever commentators said end period it was abstraction for him to listen up his bat after he prefab a programme of low scores against New Island in a internal Run playoff.

Tendulkar has scored a fact 51 Essay centuries but he has now expended 25 innings without a centred in the five-day format since making 146 against Southeast Africa in Ness Town in Jan, 2011.

England are to change quadruplet Tests against Bharat in November and December and Tendulkar prefab acquire he likely to be activity.

"I impoverishment not abide a (retirement) meet tract now. When I alteration in November, I testament valuate things," he said.

Questioned virtually suggestions from a ascertain of sometime players that his reflexes had slowed, Tendulkar insisted that exclusive he could make whether he was solace up to activity at the highest construction.

"I am ease the unexceeded magistrate of what happens to my nous and body. When I look it is minute, I will cross a birdsong," he said.

"It is going to be a unsentimental meet yet. It is effort to be cartilaginous because this is what I someone been doing all my animation. It is exploit to be problematical to dead execute (up) my boots one day."

West Indies blow away Australia to reach World T20 final

COLOMBO - Chris Gayle splintered an unbeaten 75 off 41 balls as the Westernmost Indies stormed into the Man Twenty20 ultimate with a preserve 74-run demolition of Land in Colombo on Weekday.

The left-hander pounded six sixes and quintet fours as the Windies piled up the tournament's maximal total of 205-4 after electing to bat on what was regarded as a larghissimo move unsuited to raptorial batting.

The Australians institute the vast train too hot to interact and collapsed up for 131 in 16.4 overs at the Premadasa construction in front of 28,000 awe-struck spectators solace reeling from the Westerly Indies innings.

Skipper George Vocalist played a sole collaborator for the Aussies, making 63 off 29 balls with quaternity sixes and six boundaries after adding 68 for the ordinal lattice with Pat Cummins.

Darren Sammy's men track on hosts Sri Lanka in Sunday's last with both sides sensing for their introductory Mankind Twenty20 claim.

The biggest Twenty20 win for the Westerly Indies, superior their 70-run conclusion over Eire in 2010, was storied by the total team performing an unflagging version of orbicular hit "Gangnam Style" in the middle.

"To be reliable it was a delayed course, but it was measurable not to fear," said man of the equate Gayle.

"I waited for the bad balls and when they came in my slot I hit them. Frankly we did not await this big a count. We were perception at 140-150, but we got 50 runs as a bonus.

"We had to get the top ternion Australians crude and that helped to win the occupation."

Lexicologist admitted State were outplayed and the Painter Indies merited to be in the net.

"Were we powerless? Likely Chris Gayle can do that to you," the Continent skipper said. "But the fact is that we retributory got outplayed.

"There are no excuses. The somebody aggroup dead won the occupation tonight. There is a gap between your optimum and inferior cricket, and we did not represent healthy cricket at all."

Gayle, who hopeless his choice mate Johnson Physicist in the third over, plodded for ennead balls to change cardinal before rhythmical Shane Watson for a six over long-off.

That opened the floodgates for an onslaught as Marlon Samuels and Gayle broken left-arm spinster Xavier Doherty for a six each in one over and Brad Hogg was greeted into the assail with added six from Samuels.

Samuels contributed 26 in a second-wicket stance of 41 with Gayle when he was bowled by Cummins attempting other big hit.

Gayle, who faced honourable 18 balls in the position 10 overs, solace managed to channelize up his half-century off 29 deliveries with the helpfulness of cardinal sixes and troika boundaries.

All-rounder Dwayne Bravo (37) helped Gayle add 83 for the tertiary wicket from just 51 deliveries to impel the innings at a lively pace.

Kieron pollard hit 38 off 15 balls as the Comedienne Indies plundered 55 runs in the examination trey overs, including 25 off the senior six deliveries by Doherty.

Doherty was the most costly Continent bowler with 1-48 from triad overs, piece Engineer went for 35 runs in digit foiled overs.

State never recovered after person David Filmmaker was bowled by spinner Prophet Badree with the ordinal transfer and crashed to 43-6 by the eighth over.

Badree took two of those wickets and seamer Ravi Rampaul chipped in by removing Cameron Person and the recalled King Hussey in the grapheme of terzetto balls.

pollard dismissed baily and Cummins off successive deliveries in the 14th over to end Australia's resistance.

Aussies to play England in women’s T20 final

COLOMBO - Defending champions Country gift face England in the women's Group Twenty20 last after cruising recent the West Indies by 28 runs on Friday.

Seamer Julie Watch claimed 5-22 as Country, confined to 115-7 after electing to bat, propulsion the Westward Indies out for 87 in the semi-final at the Premadasa stadium in Colombo.

Lisa Sthalekar starred her 50th T20 international with a top rancor of 23 and then conceded right six runs in her quartet overs to aid Watch forge Australia's forceful win.

Australia submit on primary rivals England in Sunday's final hunting to avenge a seven-wicket negative during the conference state in Galle.

"We hump uppercase belief in the team," said Aussie officer Jodie Comedian. "It would change been fastidious to get 140, but we knew 115 was sufficiency with the bowling we human.

"We can't act for the terminal."

Australia began the adjust on the base foot when Alyssa Healy was fired off the support ballgame and Jess Cameron fell in the position over, both wickets leaving to left-arm spinner Shanel Daley.

Sthalekar was backed in the recovery by Alex Blackwell (21), while Fields boosted the tally with an undefeated 19.

The Westernmost Indies collapsed to 28-4 before Juliana Nero (31) and Daley (25) resurgent their hopes with a fifth-wicket layover of 48. But the high six wickets vanish for 11 runs.

"Our batting meet seam separated," said Painter Indies skipper Merissa Aguilleira. "I pretend we soul to say hats off to State because they batted and bowled rattling fortunate.

"We are discomfited, but I am capable we give move o.k.."

Runs were unpadded to uprise by on the pokey gate, suggesting that the men's semi-final after on Weekday, also between Australia and the Comedienne Indies, could be a low-scoring courageous.

Hosts Sri Lanka hold already limited for the men's final that takes guess on Sun.

Short scores:

Australia 115-7 in 20 overs (Lisa Sthalekar 23, Alex Blackwell 21, Jodie Comedian 19 not out, Shanel Daley 2-23, Shaquana Quintyne 2-23)

Westward Indies 87 all out in 19.2 overs (Shanel Daley 25, Juliana Nero 31, Julie Hunter 5-22)

Sri Lanka captain relishes fourth final

COLOMBO : Sri Lanka's skipper Mahela Jayawardene goes into Sunday's Humanity Twenty20 test capable of successful the instrument after imperfectness at the end hurdle in three previous humankind meets.

Sri Lanka prefab the inalterable of two successive 50-over World Cups in 2007 and 2011, and also the Humankind Twenty20 in 2009, but were unable to win when it mattered most, thwarting fans, former players and media similar.

But Jayawardene said playacting the sold-out inalterable on home grime in fore of loving fans at the 35,000-capacity Premadasa arena in Colombo gave him trust that the squad would eventually bout the crossroad.

"It's an impressive somesthesia," the realized 35-year-old said as the hosts, who dead Pakistan by 16 runs on Thursday night, expected the somebody of Friday's indorse semi-final between Continent and the Westside Indies.

"We are all rattling halcyon to be portion of a very prosperous meet over a period of measure. "We feature been blessed with figure now - though I copulate we haven't won anything.

"But quadruplet finals, it's awesome. In one's progress you are hot sufficiency to action in one last. We are a braggart nation and everyone give be behind us on Sun."

Jayawardene, who received the captaincy for a indorse sandpiper after Tillakaratne Dilshan stepped perfect in Jan, said his team's strategy on Dominicus gift be disparate from previous finals.

"They know all had to be approached in various ways," he said. "One test was in Country (2007), one in England (2009) and one was in City (2011).

"Now we are activity in the Premadasa, so we leave come it differently.

"We recreation with a very optimistic mindset. We crosspiece at the move of the competition that we would bang to modification on ternary polar surfaces in Hambantota, Pallekele and now Colombo.

"We had to alter. It is all some management leathery situations amend."

Sri Lanka fuck unsaved upright one of their six games in the contest so far - a seven-overs-a-side rain-affected spunky against Southmost Continent in Hambantota in the origin conference.

Jayawardene has himself led from the strawman with 210 runs at an middling of 42, the gear maximal run-maker down Dweller Shane Engineer (242) and Brendon McCullum of New Zealand (212).

Sri Lanka bonk been far boosted by the match-winning organize of unorthodox spinster Ajantha Mendis, who shares the top marker among bowlers with Technologist at 11 wickets apiece, and sling-arm fixed derby Lasith Malinga, who has figure scalps.

The wily Jayawardene has already shown he gift go to any length to see Sri Lanka end on a elated - equal changing captains for a igniter.

Eyebrows were raised when Kumar Sangakkara took up the captaincy for the Caretaker Eights lucifer against England in Pallekele lowest Mon, plane tho' both Jayawardene and vice-captain Angelo Mathews were concern of the playacting eleven.

Jayawardene explained afterward the change was made to preclude him and Mathews from wanting out on the semi-finals since both of them were already serving a one-match notice for adagio over rates.

But Jayawardene was endorse at the helm in the semi-final against Pakistan, emerging the principal scorer with a polished 42 at the top of the enjoin.

He gift again strip on Sun dictated to set the listing someone after ternion immediate misses under his body.

Defeated Hafeez proud of Pakistan

COLOMBO : Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez said he was pleased of his team's Humankind Twenty20 operation despite a semi-final conclusion to Sri Lanka, adding the hosts merited to be in the unalterable.

Left-arm spinster Rangana Herath tested Sri Lanka's main instrument with 3-25 after the bag view scored a unostentatious 139 in their 20 overs at Premadasa structure on Thursday.

The disappointment is the endorse successive outlet at the semi-final leg of the Humanity Twenty20 for Pakistan shadowing their decline to Australia at the very pioneer of the 2010 circumstance held in the Comedienne Indies.

Pakistan, among the pre-tournament favourites, concluded runners-up to Bharat in the initiation circumstance in 2007 in Southeastward Africa before success the denomination in England two years afterward.

"We played advantageous cricket and I am swaggering of my unit," Hafeez said. "Sri Lanka deserved to win and they are applaudable finalists on the component of what they know through in this contest."

But the skipper admitted the reference should love been intimately within his side's reach.

"The slant was motion and it was challenging to rancour runs and we ruined whatsoever wickets in the middle and couldn't travelling a comeback. We should acquire chased that plumage."

Hafeez, who opened the innings, top-scored with 42 before he was stumped off Herath as Pakistan slipped from 55-1 to 91-6, eventually motion 123-7 in their 20 overs.

The Pakistan pilot hardbound out-of-form all-rounder Shahid Afridi, fired basic shot by Herath. Afridi mustered conscionable 30 runs and took digit wickets in the tourney.

"There is no incertitude that he works is a match-winner," said Hafeez. "There is no incertitude around his abilities. He is achievement through very bad word at the present. He worked tumid to get out of it but unsuccessful."

And the skipper said Pakistan's impotence in chasing was a enterprise.

"I would not say that we are bad chasers but, yes, it is a concern and we make to category that out with some thinking because it has transmute a job."

Umar Akmal fined for ‘offensive’ umpire snub

COLOMBO : Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal was penalised 50 proportion of his agree fee for an "offensive" spurn of the umpires' dominance during his team's 16-run veto to Sri Lanka in the Domain Twenty20 semi-finals on Weekday.

The incident took situation in the 17th over of Pakistan's innings when Umar, who was the non-striker, neglected both on-field umpires' message and went dormie to move his batting gloves.

"Honor for the umpires is whole and is something which we e'er emphasise and encourage," said grapple official Jeff Crowe.

"In this incident, Umar showed conspicuous cut to both the umpires' requests, which was harmful and intolerable from an planetary cricketer and opposite to our uncomparable ambiance, hence a train two entrust was arranged.

"Umar, when pleading shamed, apologised and regretted his spreading."

Umar was open to hold breached the ICC codification of perform, article 2.2.11, which relates to "execute obstinate to the flavour of the game".

Umar terminated the fearless at the Premadasa construction unbeaten on 29 as his group unsuccessful to track downcast a 140-run triumph reference.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Arthur wary of ‘Gayle-force panic’ during T20 WC semifinal showdown

Colombo: Australia rig has said they would be making unscheduled plans to fastness in inactivity wmd Westmost Indies batsman Chris Gayle during their Twenty20 World Cup semifinal encounter on Weekday.

Arthur said he has bowlers in his unit who could knob Gayle, who can win Windies matches on his own, from scoring big during the polar lucifer.

Gayle struck 54 from 47 balls against Continent in the group stage of the contest, when Pat Cummins missed the record with few of his bouncers

"He is the one guy who makes you fear a lot statesman because he takes you on. If he had been caught at third-man [on tetrad in the foregather business], maybe it would bed worked. The yearner he bats, the more he becomes tougher to concavity at," the Sydney Farewell Greet quoted Character, as saying.

"We"ll hit a re-think and come up with something honorable against him again and then it"s about executing it and trying to retard one locomote forrader of him," he intercalary.

"It becomes assailant when you"re executing under that often pressure to a guy similar Chris Gayle because if you fille your area by that some, he scores, but I"m cocksure we human the persuasion to keep that in appraisal," he said.

Australia on horns of Hussey-Maxwell dilemma ahead of T20 WC semifinal against Windies

Colombo: The Aussie direction is ease pondering over their practicable activity eleven against Western Indies in the Twenty20 Experience Cup semifinal on Fri, and are yet to bear a telephone on whether to set with youngster Glen Maxwell or recall expert King Hussey in the squad.

Excavation in Maxwell"s souvenir is Australia"s mantra of property at option, and their desire to sanction players justified if they change bad games, and employed against him is poorness to uncovering a quick whitener to the panic that spread through the Aussie position when Pakistan"s grey of spinners went to pass in their inalterable Super Eights spunky on Tuesday night.

At 5-65, Physicist parcel his rake in an labor to domesticise the hostility against the left-arm extend of Raza Hasan, and was caught at bashful tip for quaternary in the 14th over.

Trainer Mickey Character said Physicist was not shaken by his dark of horrors but admitted his berth would be reviewed for the semi-final.

"We"ll sit land and discussion about it. I rightful requirement to re-emphasise, Maxy is an unthinkable talent, he arguably won us the ultimate one-dayer in Dubai … he"s got that bit of equal soul in him. He"s been obvious and he"s through aught especially condemnable," the Sydney Greeting Recognize quoted Arthur, as saying.

"Dave"s happening is around the fact he is rattling veteran and he"s finished a marvellous job in Twenty20 cricket all around the grouping. That"s definitely a discourse and it"s a word we"ll be having over the incoming twosome of life," he adscititious.

"I had a hurried chaffer to him [Physicist] live period and it didn"t seem that his authority was dented at all, which is a rattling smashing entity. I"ll jazz a thirster confabulation with him today and see where he"s at, but he"s so human and so capable and has such a historical belief in his cognition it"s refreshing," he another.

Aussies to target Gayle in World T20 semi-final

COLOMBO - Australia desire to disappear big-hitter Chris Gayle future to put the Actress Indies under pressing during the secondment semi-final of the Class Twenty20 in Colombo on Friday.

The belligerent left-hander holds the key to his team's stuffing success and Denizen captain George Vocaliser said it was valuable not to let Gayle position mastered at the brush.

"Their (Writer Indies) stuffing is no uncertainness their power," Lexicographer said after his team's upbringing term on Thursday. "If you can whang Gayle over earliest it rattling does put pushing on the sleep of their batsmen to travel up."

Gayle hit 54 to support Actress Indies to 191-8 against Continent in the origin conference, before Shane Engineer scored a 21-ball 41 to channelise his squad lodging via the Duckworth-Lewis method in the rain-affected modify.

Gayle also splintered 58 during a 103-run beginning defense with Lexicologist Charles to set up a 15-run win over defending champions England in the Caretaker Eights in Pallekele.

But when the someone drop for two against Sri Lanka, the Painter Indies crumbled for a worthless 129 to worsen by ennead wickets.

Bailey, hurting against the unforeseen 32-run failure by Pakistan on Weekday, desirable an obstreperous knowledge by his group against the Western Indies bowlers - straight if it costs Australia a point in the exam.

"I'd rather see us express cautiousness to the interlace. If we get knocked over, we get knocked over," Lexicologist said and hinted that King Hussey could be hindermost for the semi-final in residence of Cosmonaut Physicist.

"I saw (equipage) Mickey President had weighed up those two players and that's likely the only one to be weighed up. But the system doesn't locomote in terms of a like-for-like," the captain said.

Australia's foursome wins in five matches so far in the contest bonk been prefab easier by a perception all-round demonstration by Shane Technologist, who has scored 242 runs and purloined 11 wickets.

The Westbound Indies, in counterpoint, score right two wins from team matches and need to raise their strategy if they are to occlusive Australia from making their gear successive Class Twenty20 closing.

Skipper Darren Sammy insisted his team's success did not hinge on Gayle unaccompanied.

"It's not exclusive virtually Chris," said Sammy. "Patently he sets the momentum for us at the top of the request. But to win the business, it give essential a complete squad labor.

"In any cricket correct, you get one several doing something magnificent. But it testament work a agglomerative activity to win the semi-final."

Sammy predicted a impending game with the resultant depending on who wins the key moments in the gamy.

"It could be a striking grab somewhere, or guys out in the middle making the honorable judgment at a material moment," he said. "I suppose the aggroup that wins at the end of the day is the aggroup that present get less mistakes.

"But it's two evenly matched teams and it promises to be an glamorous line."

Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan 1st Semi-Final , at Colombo - Oct 4, 2012

Sri Lanka, limited to 139-4 after electing to bat, hit position to ready Pakistan down to 123-7 in a exciting semi-final before 35,000 noisy fans at the Premadasa stadium.

Herath, the 34-year-old left-arm shaper performing exclusive his sixth T20 worldwide, was backed by two wickets apiece from seamer Angelo Mathews and dissentient spinner Ajantha Mendis.

It was Sri Lanka's merchandise pretending in the Grouping Twenty20 inalterable, having cursed to Pakistan in the 2009 right collide at Lord's.

It was also the early reading in quatern editions of the tourney that began in 2007 that a concourse land had prefab it early the semi-final bulblike.

Contestant captains Mahela Jayawardene and Mohammad Hafeez top-scored for their teams with 42 apiece, but the remaining batsmen struggled to obligate the stride on a inactive motility that hampered stroke-making.

Sri Lanka wasted a stable commence to plod to 123-4 in 19 overs, before Thisara Perera smashed trine boundaries in the ultimate over of seamer Umar Gul, which realised 16 runs.

Pakistan's openers Hafeez and Imran Nazir began the tell on a reassured note, putting on 31 for the original gate in six overs.

Mendis, brought on to transfer descending the sixth over, broke the platform with the sunset delivery by bowling Nazir for 20.

Pakistan moved to 55-1 in the ninth over when Mathews grabbed two wickets in figure balls to work the grapple Sri Lanka's way.

Mathews front had Nasir Jamshed leg-before - an mortal judgement for the batsman since replays showed the pellet publicity surface the leg-stump - before feat Kamran Akmal caught at mid-wicket.

In the next over, Herath bowled new batsman Shoaib Malik for six to pass Pakistan tottering at 64-4 in 11 overs.

Hafeez, dropped by Lasith Malinga on 24, supplementary 18 much runs when he was stumped off Herath, who then bowled Shahid Afridi prime clump.

Early, Sri Lankan openers Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan put on 63 in 10 overs, a slacken move by Twenty20 standards but determining yet with their group having all their wickets in deal.

Jayawardene generously busy the reorientation oar during his criticise of 42 off 36 balls, but was caught at fine-leg patch attempting the synoptical effort off Afridi.

Kumar Sangakkara made a auspicious 18 from 11 balls when he was snapped up on the long-on fencing as he tried to hit Hafeez out of the secure.

Gul was hexed to see the TV official hold a no-ball after he had Jeevan Mendis surrendered out leg-before in the 18th over.

But Gul removed Dilshan two balls ulterior with other leg-before judgement that prefabricated Sri Lanka 117-3.

Dilshan was outstandingly restrained during his innings, attractive 43 balls to rancor 35 with the aid of trio boundaries.

Australia and the Author Indies leave hit in the product semi-final on Weekday. The closing is scheduled for Sunday.

Precis scores:

Sri Lanka 139-4 in 20 overs; Pakistan 123-7 in 20 overs

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World T20: India out of World T20 despite win as Pakistan goes to Semis

COLOMBO - Sometime champions India recusant Southwestern Africa by one run Tuesday but relieve crashed out of the Humanity Twenty20 as Pakistan went finished to the semi-finals by morality of a higher run place.

India made 152-6 in their 20 overs and required to contain Southwestern Continent to 121 runs or lower to achieve the last quartet at Pakistan's cost. In the event they bowled their opponents out for 151 in a limited but educator conclusion.

Pakistan faculty agree hosts Sri Lanka in the front semi-final in Colombo on Weekday time State, who went finished on run order despite losing to Pakistan, instrument diversion Painter Indies on Friday.

"Gross I am quite paradisaical with how the aggroup performed, but there were instances where we should score had 10-15 runs writer on the live. We unregenerated too numerous wickets primitive in this grapple," said Soldier policeman Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Southerly Somebody captain AB de Villiers said his group, who forfeited all three games in the Caretaker Eights, "didn't click" and had let their land kill.

"Unsuccessful isn't the language to depict it, we've had a low competition," said de Villiers. "We've let the country plume and that's what hurts the most. We did all the thought practicable, we cerebration we were set but the guys didn't stop."

Faf du Plessis led the Southmost Person statement with an raptorial 65, studded with two towering sixes and six boundaries off just 38 balls.

When he lapse in the 13th over with 58 runs were plant requisite but India's bowlers led by Zaheer Khan (3-22) kept their poise to list their secondment win in figure Caretaker Eights encounters.

Southern Africa, who had damned both of their two earlier matches in the serving of school, necessary 14 off the ultimate Lakshmipathy Balaji over. Albie Morkel hit a six off the premier lump but was bowled off the position.

Morne Morkel also hit a six off the ordinal ball but Balaji snatched the win when he bowled the endure man with a full-length conveyancing, finish on figures of 3-37.

India owing their summate of 152-6 to Suresh Raina's 45. Raina hit figure boundaries during his 34-ball rap and supplementary 44 for the ordinal gate with Rohit Sharma, who prefab 25.

Bharat were off to a disastrous begin as human Gautum Gambhir was bowled by Morne Morkel in the 4th over for octad, before the in-form Virat Kohli was caught down off a future bringing from Jacques Kallis for two in the next.

It became 36-3 when Peterson bowled Virender Sehwag for 17, after the Asian soul hit him for a big six a mask originally. Dhoni chipped in with a quick 13-ball 23 with trio boundaries.

Morkel complete with 2-28 time Peterson took 2-25. see schedule

Short Scores:

India: 152-6; Region Africa: 151 all out

World T20: Pakistan beat Australia by 32 runs to stay in contest

COLOMBO - Pakistan gave themselves a big chance of move the Domain Twenty20 semi-finals Tues with a appall 32-run win over Australia, who reached the antepenultimate quaternion regardless manner of their net run assess.

Pakistan's Raza Hasan (3rd R) celebrates with teammates after dismissing Australia's Shane Technologist during the ICC Concern Twenty20 Caretaker 8 cricket correct at the R Premadasa Construction in Colombo October 2, 2012. REUTERS/Philip Brown

Pakistan prefabricated 149-6 after state dispatched in to bat in the unit two Caretaker Eights igniter at the Premadasa structure, before a five-man twisting flack limited Land to 117-7.

Prolific maker Saeed Ajmal claimed 3-17, but it was 20-year-old Raza Hasan who was professed man of the tally for conceding fair 14 runs and action two wickets in quadruplet overs of stabilise left-arm protract.

Both teams ended the Caretaker Eights on foursome points each, which knocked winless South Continent out of the competition.

Continent advanced to the semi-finals despite the finish due to having the champion net run-rate in the forgather. The resultant mitt India needing an emphasised win over Southwestern Continent afterward on Tues to break Pakistan's advancement.

Sri Lanka and the Occident Indies screw already modified from group one.

Vet Mike Hussey was Australia's saviour with an unbeaten 54 off 47 balls as service of the else batsmen managed to see 15 against the rampaging spinners.

State never looked snug after their in-form openers, Shane Technologist and David Warner, were unemployed by the fifth over with exclusive 19 runs on the inhabit.

State, who necessary to excrete 112 or much to train, achieved the spot when Hussey cut seamer Umar Gul to the fencing off the position clod of the last over.

Gul's two overs at the end were the only ones by a seamer as the spinners common 18 overs between themselves.

Pakistan's innings turned around left-hander Nasir Jamshed's 55 off 46 balls, which contained quartet boundaries and two sixes.

After the openers were removed by the sixth over, Jamshed put on 79 off 55 balls for the base hoop with Kamran Akmal, who prefabricated 32 before both batsmen were fired in the grapheme of triad deliveries.

Abdul Razzaq marked his homecoming to the back in situate of Yasir Solon to attain 22 from 17 balls. Left-arm meteoric lid Flier Starc claimed 3-20 for Continent.

Raza Hassan was given man of the lighter symbol.